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About us

Welcome to Effegi!

To achieve important objectives such as those achieved by our company in half-century of activity, continuous investments in new technologies and training of the workforce are needed; this to always offer a product that fully reflects the needs of our customers.


EFFEGI company , since 1965, produces scissors for beauty and embroidery use, in stainless and carbon steel, which are sold in Italy and abroad. The articles shown in our website are only a small part of EFFEGI production. The main objective of the company has always been to offer a high quality product to meet in the best way the demanding needs of customers..

To achieve this goal, serious professionalism in the manufacturing is required, as well as disciplined and controlled organization of the various work activities inside the company, a continuous commitment in economic terms to improve the quality of materials and production techniques and compliance with delivery terms for the products requested. To this, contribute also the commitment, the experience and the seriousness of the staff that work inside the company in order to guarantee the quality not only of the products, but also of all those activities that are necessary for the realization of the product itself.

Over the years, tests, selections and accurate choices of the raw material have been made to guarantee an increasingly efficient final product, also by introducing the use of stainless steel, more difficult to process, but essential to guarantee higher quality and a better durability of the product.
We have gone from a manual processing to the use of mechanical, automated and high-tech machines, through a continuous research of faster and more effective processing techniques in order to satisfy all kind of requests from our customers.
We certainly create custom scissors also on request.

EFFEGI is a company compliant with the higher standard of production and, above all, certified at European level, synonymous of guarantee of all the products manufactured inside our structure.

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